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INSULATED CABINS Timber garages garden sheds timber workshops log cabins garden offices summerhouses and children's playhouses made to measure To ensure the longevity of your building we do not recommend that trees or shrubs overhang the building. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV The most effective way to protect the wood from insect and decay is to soak it with special preparations LOG CABINS INSULATED Wood has a number of specific characteristics which are natural and inherent to it. The biggest practical INSULATED CABINS LV When the external walls reach the height of the gables the doors can be installed. LOG CABINS LV Can be made to your own plans at an extra cost

INSULATED CABINS The new plans submitted under a "change of use" application are being opposed by understands that every client is unique - as it is each project. Our team believe that the trust from our clients must be earned by delivering implemented ideas for you. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV As with all - Log Cabins the interior walls windows and doors may be repositioned by arrangement according to your taste. LOG CABINS INSULATED wood treatment. INSULATED CABINS LV The timber used is environmentally friendly and chemical treatments are only used on the impregnated floor joists. All other timbers are untreated and so if left to stand for a long time may become grey. To avoid this or to disguise the grey colour it is recommended that the timbers are painted either with a recognised timber preservative or a timber finish. Both of which are sold in most DIY or garden centres. The timbers can be painted during erection or once the house is completed. It is best to paint the house in DRY weather within 14 days of assembly. When painting the house it is advisable to include the lower floor boards roofing boards doors and windows including the sides and casings. LOG CABINS LV These Cabins are self Assembly kits If you need this item erecting please add 30%

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Restroom window turn/cant LOG CABINS INSULATED These log buildings can be designed to include additional features in keeping with their purpose including insulation double glazing partitions and sliding patio doors. INSULATED CABINS LV The Log 35 to 60 cabins have a log length of 4.9m and have an area ranging from 35 to 60 square metres. They are slightly taller than the Log 15-33 range of cabins and have 1.2m high windows compared to 1m and a ceiling 11cm higher. Typical uses for Log 35 to 60 cabins are as holiday cabins site offices or granny annexes. LOG CABINS LV All of our custom log homes are built from logs and all logs are fully range of log cabins feature timber construction designed for year round use suitable for Holiday Park office and leisure accommodation. can offer expertise through their own in house installers to suit the client's project requirements.

INSULATED CABINS of rent for your tiny office ? Whether you are currently working for yourself are considering doing so or you simply need a bolt hole away from the noise and chaos of the home to get your thoughts together game we have the perfect solution for you - a made to measure home office! How Do I Maintain My New Garden shed? INSULATED LOG CABINS LV Home Offices is modeled on the New style with an useful. With an attractive roof this is a stylish and distingue home office enabling you to work in your garden saving you money on renting an office. Fully lined and with electrics these home office are the ultimate answer to a better lifestyle. LOG CABINS INSULATED Many people choose to have a shed put in their garden to serve as their office. This separates the home from the work which may give some the psychological aspect of being 'in the office.' The shed should be large enough to house all the furnishings you will need to do you business while still allowing you room to move. A shed is a cheap alternative to building onto your home but may be a less secure place to store valuables such as a computer and private files. INSULATED CABINS LV

    Intrinsically affordable LOG CABINS LV Our knowledge base is both wide and deep as we have actually have first hand experience of all of the required processes for manufacturing the buildings - e.g. cutting the logs kilndrying the timber machining the wood cutting and notching the timber. We know how to maintain quality control and we know how to pack the product to minimize potential damage in transit.

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